EY New Seniors Program

Barbara facilitated these programs consecutively in the Netherlands in 2011 and in Birmingham in 2012. Due to the success of these workshops, she was invited to facilitate the train-the-trainer workshops in the Netherlands again in 2013.

The New Seniors Programme (NSP) is a development program for new managers, designed to sharpen their management skills, improve their communication skills and broaden their technical knowledge base.

 NSP Facilitation Team 1


Barbara was an excellent facilitator. Even during my several years at University I saw only a few instructors comparable to Barbara. She was enthusiastic and skillful in terms of the course content.

I find Barbara an excellent facilitator with very good presentation skills. Barbara provided us with relevant examples on her on-the-job experience and was able to explain all unclear issues. I liked listening to her as she is very open minded, with clear views and strong personality. Barbara is a great observer - she could see when the group needed some break, how to approach each topic to make it more interesting. I think Barbara did a great job!

Barbara is a great presenter and trainer and did really good job!

Barbara is one of the best trainers I have interacted with. She knows how to spot the delicate issues arising during a training (like boredom or the lack of interest)and how to involve the trainees in order to get over these issues.

Briliant facilitator. Communicative with auditory. Deeply versed in material were presented.